Whimsical Painter Artist's Statement - Colorful details of painted rural scenery are isolated and sewn together to create bright paper patch work paintings.


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Short film


Tilly recently relocated to Miami after living and working for over two decades in Dutchess County NY. She currently teaches painting and drawing, digital art and art history at a private high school and paints regularly at her studio, the Arthouse in the Falls Warehouse district, south Miami. Tilly enjoys exploring Miami, cultivating her relationship to the muse and showing others where to look on her near-daily blog, Showing Up for the Muse: www.tillystudio.blogspot.com.

Having been a painter her whole life, (she exhibited in her first show at age 5), Tilly loves teaching the joy as well as the history of painting to others.  Occasionally she offers private and group lessons from her studio. Most of the time she plays in a variety of media: cardboard, canvas, paper, and linoleum, combining text and graphics to explore the circumstances of her day.

E. Tilly Strauss